Customers and suppliers have their own characteristics. Each logistics operation is therefore unique and requires personalized solutions.

With its own fleet of 15 trucks, BBA is able to operate rapidly and effectively throughout the country.

The management of logistics is not limited only to the collection of raw materials. The whole operation is carried out from the first contact with refrigerators and suppliers to the arrival of the final product at the customer abroad in an integrated manner with suppliers and customers.

The Company has a system that monitors the fleet and that ensures the correctness of the work of the people involved in the operations. All vehicles are tracked via satellite, and our professionals are ready to deal with any type of change of program, 24 hours a day.

When the BBA fleet is already at full capacity with prior commitments, it occasionally uses transport of third parties. However, these third parties are trained to operate with precision and excellent quality.

Practical solutions guarantee that operating costs are kept down and make BBA one of the largest collectors of bovine bile and by-products in the country, ensuring the punctuality and reliability to its suppliers for the collection of raw materials and by-products.