BBA is a Brazilian Company founded in 1995 with the main purpose of extracting bovine bile to use as a raw material for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
BBA Indùstria Quimica Ltda. works in processing bile, hooves and horns, and trades bovine manes. The bile is extracted as a raw material for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The main products are crude cholic acid and crude deoxycholic acid. In particular, previously only one stage of the process for the extraction of the crude cholic acid was carried out.

Today, with the development of our processing methods, we have increased to three stages in the purification process of crude cholic acid, moving on to the production of “technical cholic acid”. Produced in this way, this product is exported to the various plants of the group and is used as a starting material for the dehydrocholic acid and ursodeoxycholic acid, which are the active ingredients used by thepharmaceutical industry for the treatment of liver diseases, such as gallstones and cirrhosis of the liver and also for the manufacture of products which help digestion.

Other products from the extraction of bile are: natural taurine and a crude mixture of bile acids used in animal feed and agriculture. These products are intended to encourage the uptake and assimilation of food and to ensure  stable growth and a lower mortality rate in reared animals.

Furthermore we extract the waste generated in our manufacturing process, the sodium sulphate, a type of salt that is used in paper mills.

In another part of the factory, hooves and horns are treated and processed:

after drying, they are ground and sieved. They are then sold for use as organic fertilizers and for the manufacture of foam used for fire extinguishers. The manes are cleaned and sold for the brush industry.