Company profile  

BBA Indùstria Quimica Ltda was established in 1995 in the town of Jacarezinho, in the north of Paranà State, as a branch of the Italian group ICE International, world leader in the market of products derived from bovine bile.

At the beginning, its activities were focused on the export of crushed bovine hooves and horns, used as organic fertilizer; and the collection and industrialization of bovine bile as a raw material, from which were extracded salts and bile acids for exportation to Italy.

Since then, its growth has been continuous. With a strong presence on domestic and international  animal by-product markets. BBA has established itself as the largest collector of bovine bile in Brazil and in the world, moving, today, about 15,000 tons of bile and 10,000 tons of hoof and horn every year. BBA has business partners in several countries, ensuring the supply of raw materials.

With management focused on expanding the collection of raw materials, in 2007 it acquired the Argentinean company Arennis S.R.L.. The following year, the Company established PBP Paraguay Bile Products S.R.L. in Paraguay. Its latest acquisition was the Uruguayan company FVC Ltda.  
A network was thereby created that operates in MERCOSUL and which ensures the supply of bovine bile. Strategically located on Highway BR 153 and with its own logistics (it has a fleet of 15 trucks), BBA operates in all Brazilian states, ensuring suppliers’ punctuality and professionalism in the removal of by-products. This also allows a better flow of its exports by guaranteeing the quality of its products and full satisfaction of its customers abroad. With continuous investment, BBA has diversified the product range, the plant has been expanded and each product line has its respective sector: the BILE SALTS SECTOR and the  HOOVES, HORNS AND MANE SECTOR with independent managements, employees and factories. Production is increasing every year, responding to all the orders from abroad.
Currently BBA exports to countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. With the implementation of quality management programs in 2009, BBA has obtained the NBR ISO 9001-2008 certification, increasing its reliability on the market. BBA is among the 100 largest exporters in the State of Paranà, adding value to the regional and national economies. With a staff of 130 members, BBA invests in training, in creating and strengthening link with its employees, so as to compose a team involved in the guidelines and procedures necessary to meet customer expectations. Recently, major investments have been made in the treatment of residual water, substantially  reducing environmental impact, according to the norms and standards of current legislation. BBA has also  made further investments in technology, in partnerships with suppliers, in products quality and research into raw materials and in the field of social responsibility.