Our production process is regularly monitored by the Federal Inspection Service (Servico de Inspecao Federal, SIF 1938), which checks the applications of the Auto Control Program, in accordance with “Regulation” 175/2005/CGPE/DIPOA, which is exclusively about procedures for meeting the Good Manufacturing Practices (Boas Pràticas de Fabricacao, BPF/GMP). BBA Indùstria Quimica Ltda has received ISO 9001:2008 Quality System (Sistema de Qualidade) certificate (certificate n° SGQ C062), approved in August 2009. Since then, the Company undergoes Internal and External Audits for verification of the maintenance of the Quality System and maintenance of certifications. In compliance with current legislation, BBAIndùstria Quimica Ltda  has an Environmental License from the competent organ - IAP


(Instituto Ambiental do Paranà, Environmental Institute of Paraná), certificate n° 21977. It has also a license granted by the Federal Police (certificate n° 00029644-9).The board of BBA Indùstria Quimica Ltda has defined its Quality Policy, which is in accordance with the principles of the organization; it provides for a commitment to meet customers’ requirements and constantly improve the effectiveness of the Quality Control System. The Quality Control System provides the instruments to establish and analyze quality objectives in all areas of the organization: the results are analyzed every six months in a meeting with the management, followed by intervention if required.